Continental Sport Contact 6

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Starts From: €89.00 inc. fitting & VAT.

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for luxury and high-performance cars.
  • New redesigned tread pattern developed.
  • Aralon 350 ply ensures maximum control of speeds up to 350km/h.
  • “Black Chili” ensures supreme driving experience.
  • Extremely short braking distances.

Latest Technology

SportContact 6 is the latest addition to German’s tyre makers family. This new completely redesigned model is putting new meaning into words performance and handling.

Continental is a flagship brand within the tyre industry. Known as one of the best handling and safest tyres available to the general public. Having them fitted on your vehicle will ensure the best possible driving experience for you and the optimal performance of your car.

Top OE Supplier

Currently Continental equips 1/3 of new cars manufactured in Europe, this fact is a storyteller on its own.

Great Value

For some years, we’ve been supplying Continental tyres at affordable prices, saving our customers up 30% on their tyre purchases.

Combining our prices and expertise, it’s clear that Tyreland is your best choice for Continental tyre purchase.

Tyre Fitting

To get more information or to book your car in, simply contact our team on 01 860 20 20 or use our live chat box for a swift response.


  • Popular Sizes

    • 215 60 16
    • 215 55 r16
    • 245 45 r18
    • 225 45 r17
    • 235 45 r18
    • 245 40 r18
    • 245 40 r19
    • 275 35 r19
    • 235 40 r18

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