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From: €89.50 inc. fitting & VAT.

Key Features

  • The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 is the latest luxury-sport model addition to the premium division tyre range.
  • New hardened construction technology provides steering precision, improved control and cornering performance.
  • It is armed with Grip Booster material which includes adhesive resin to deliver superior braking on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Active braking technology – contact with surface and grip increases when braking.
  • Superior handling and braking when compared to its predecessor.
  • Rim protector guards your alloys from scratching.

Tyreland’s tyre depots are fully stocked with range of Goodyear tyres, that are supplied directly by the manufacturer. Us being official distributor of Goodyear tyres, assures continued supply of newest models and best prices passed on to Tyreland customers.

Being one of the most innovative tyre companies, Goodyear frequently orders independent automotive publishers and organisations for independent tyre testing and reports. These test results are echoing the following features as main benefits of Goodyear tyres:

Excellent handling, improved cornering, including shorter braking distances are all key features outlined. Additionally, Goodyears are well known for their capacity of reducing rolling noise and improving fuel efficiency. Once all of these benefits are factored in, it makes Goodyear one of the most desirable tyres worldwide. It is world leading original equipment brand, which is fitted on Porsche, Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volvo, Toyota, Jaguar and many other cars.

  • Popular Sizes

    • 225 40 r18
    • 225 45 r17
    • 235 45 r17
    • 235 40 r18
    • 245 40 r18
    • 255 35 r19
    • 245 45 r17
    • 205 50 r17
    • 215 45 r17
    • 225 50 r17
    • 245 40 r17
    • 245 45 r18
    • 235 35 r19
    • 265 35 r18
    • 245 45 r19
    • 235 50 r18

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