4 Good Reasons To Replace Your Tyres This Spring

4 Good Reasons To Replace Your Tyres This Spring

Do you remember the last time you replaced the tyres on your car? When is the last time you thoroughly examined your tyres? Although some drivers are incredibly diligent about checking their tyres and replacing them in good time, many of us don’t remember too – often because we are so busy with work, family and such things that it just gets forgotten in the chaos. It is far better to replace your tyres well in advance, rather than get stuck with an unexpected failure or even worse, face the consequences of a tyre that is no longer road safe. Read on to learn why you should think about updating your tyres this spring.

1. The right tyres can reduce your fuel costs

Fitting your car with the right, quality tyres and ensuring that they are correctly inflated and in good health can save you money on fuel costs. Underinflated or overly worn tyres can dramatically reduce the performance of the tyre, and this means that your car will be using more fuel than necessary.

It is also worth considering the efficiency rating of your tyres. According to leading manufacturer Michelin, by choosing to replace your existing tyres lower efficiency tyres with four A-rated tyres, you could Save up to €125or 80 litres of fuel over the life of the tyres. That’s for a car fitted with four A-rated tyres driving at 50mph – the result is 7.5% less fuel consumption than with G-rated tyres.

2. Your tyres can help protect the environment

As well as leaving you better off in the pocket, choosing the most economical tyres for your vehicle and operating them at the correct pressure will also help to protect the environment. The reduced fuel consumption means lower emissions, and all of this helps to reduce the environmental footprint of your vehicle.

Combine this with responsible manufacturing and disposal of tyres, and you can make a positive contribution to cleaner driving. It’s also worth researching economic driving techniques for even more significant reductions in pollution.

3. Keep yourself and others safe

Your tyres are arguably the most critical safety feature on your car. The quality and condition of your tyres play a huge role in how quickly you can stop your vehicle, as well as affecting how well your vehicle handles – and not just in wet weather. 25%  of accidents are reported to occur on bends, while an estimated 70% of crashes happen in dry weather.

No matter what the driving conditions, having the optimum tyres for your vehicle and keeping them correctly inflated is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself and other road users safe from harm.

The label on a new tyre includes information on how well it brakes in wet conditions. Performance is rated from A (the safest, stopping in the shortest distances) down to G (least reliable, with longest braking distances).

For a car fitted with four A-rated tyres driving at 50 mph, stopping distance can be up to 18 metres or 30% shorter than with G-rated tyres – that’s almost four car lengths.

4. Check your vehicle’s health

It is important to remember that your tyres are just one element of your car, and there are many other things to check regularly to ensure your vehicle is in good health – screenwash, antifreeze & coolant, wiper blades, battery and bulbs are all easy to overlook.

Should you decide to have new tyres fitted by experienced technicians such as those at Tyreland, you can also get all the other essentials checked at the same time – meaning that you can be confident your car is ready and set for the year ahead. Why get your hands dirty when our team of friendly professionals can look after everything for you?


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We wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to keeping you on the road in 2019.

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