Winter Car Tyres

Winter Tyres

Importance of Winter Tyres

It is that time of the year when winter tyres are becoming a favourite subject again. As temperatures started to decline, so is the performance of summer tyres.

Winter tyres are known to perform at maximum capacity when the temperatures outside are 7C and below. Most of the commuter trips happen in early mornings and late evening times when the outside temperatures are below daytime average. Which makes winter tyres a smart choice during October – March period.

Frosty surface

According to various sources, during the winter time in Ireland, we get 40 – 60 days with ground frost. Nothern parts of Ireland are the worst affected ones.

Be Safe With Winter Tyres

Winter Tyre Performance and Safety

Let’s take an average winter day in Ireland. The temperature outside is just under 7 degrees, and the road surface is wet. When driving in these conditions at 100 km/ph speed, winter tyres will bring a car to a full stop in ~ 65 meters. Summer tyres are not as efficient during these weather conditions, and it would take ~ 70 meters to come to a complete stop.

That extra 5m can make all the difference when driving in wintery conditions.

Winter Car Accidents

During the winter period, just under 50% of driving accidents are as a direct result of skidding. Road insurance claims also tend to increase by an average of 25%.

Fitted by Expert Technicians

Winter Tyre Technology

There is a different type of rubber used when manufacturing winter tyres. It remains softer and increases grip in lower temperatures.

They also come with up to 4,000 sipes or cuts in the tread pattern. This feature ensures better water & snow displacement.

Winter Tyre Costs

Latest production winter car tyres are much more durable than the predecessors. They do not wear any quicker than summer tyres.

In general winter tyres are slightly dearer when compared to equivalent summer tyres, but do ensure safer all-weather performance.

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