5 Top Tips to Save Money on Fuel

5 Top Tips to Save Money on Fuel

For most car drivers, fuel is by far the greatest (and most regular) expense. Although prices have been relatively stable over recent months, it’s fair to say that most people would be happy to pay less at the pump. So how can you get more out of your tank and help to keep those fuel costs lower? Read on for some top tips.

1. Eliminate resistance

Modern cars are designed to be exceptionally efficient and this includes many features that help to reduce air resistance. However, this assumes that nothing has been added or altered. Carrying a roof rack or roof box, for example, can significantly increase drag, as can a bike rack on the back of the car. Even driving with the windows open changes the dynamic and can introduce more air resistance. Although it may be tempting to leave roof bars, boxes and bike racks in place all year round, especially if you use them fairly regularly, you may be costing yourself extra cash. Simply removing a rooftop cargo box can save you around 20% on fuel over the course of a year – making it well worth the effort.

2. Slow things down

The manner in which you drive can massively affect the amount of fuel you consume. Key culprits for your wallet include high speed driving, along with excessive braking and acceleration. According to the AA, dropping from 80mph to 70mph could save you up to 25% in fuel, whilst on smaller roads, slowing down from 70mph to 60mph could save another 10%. By adjusting your driving style to reduce heavy braking and acceleration, you could significantly add to these savings.

It is worth noting that using the right gear and the right level of revs will also help dramatically improve your driving efficiency. Most newer cars now display information to help you with this, however, with older cars there may be more guesswork. As a general rule, it’s more efficient to move up a gear at 2,500 rpm for a petrol car and 2,000 for diesel. It is also beneficial to use high gears, such as fifth and sixth, sooner than later.

3. Plan your routes

The car is both a gift and a curse. Because of the convenience they offer, we tend to end up using our cars almost every time we go out, be it for the school run, shopping, gym or visiting friends and family. And that’s not to mention commuting to work. 

Combining trips and planning the optimum route may help to reduce fuel consumption. For example, if the shop is on the way to the school, could you combine two trips into one by simply changing the time you usually do your shopping? If you wanted to take it to the extreme, why not walk or run to the gym and make this part of your workout? As far as commuting is concerned, it is well worth thinking about splitting travel with a colleague if this is an option. Some companies may already operate a car sharing scheme, so it may be worth enquiring.

4. Service and maintain your car

You may think that money saved by skipping your car’s annual service is money in your pocket. Unfortunately, you might be wrong. Your car’s annual service helps to keep it in optimum condition, and this means it will run as efficiently as possible. Skimping on your service may leave you paying more than you need to on fuel – and this can seriously add up over the course of a year.

5. Look after your tyres

Your tyres are one of the most important features of your car. As well as helping you to drive safely, they can also have a major effect on your fuel consumption. The simple task of checking your tyre pressure regularly can have a huge impact on your expenses. Whether your tyres are under or overpressure they can be unsafe and cause you to burn more fuel. Setting your tyres to the correct pressure as recommended in your vehicle’s handbook can improve your fuel consumption by as much as 2% according to the RAC – as well as saving you money by prolonging your tyre life.


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