Advantages of Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are offered by more and more manufacturers these days. When you get a puncture on your car, instead of waiting for the AA to arrive and fix the tyre puncture for you (it happens!) or changing the car tyre yourself you have the ability, with run flat tyres, to drive on for at least another 50/70 miles. This is the major benefit of run flat tyres.

There is also no need to be carrying a spare wheel in the boot anymore reducing that extra weight even more. Run flat tyres have been around for a few years now but have only become popular recently due to lower cost and the move to higher quality tyres. When you get a tyre puncture it is simply a case of bringing your tyre to the nearest tyre centre where it will be inspected before it is then fixed. Run flat tyres will also provide your car better control and safety if you do happen to have a tyre blowout. This is a big safety advantage. However, due to the extra thick sidewalls on run flat tyres some people have complained about the lack of extra suspension whilst others feel that run flat tyres have been the shining light in their car driving. Manufacturers have also started to put run flat tyres on their cars now too as it provides more boot space, reduces the weight on the car resulting in greater fuel efficiency. If you are looking to buy run flat tyres for your car call into any Tyreland branch and speak to one of our team orĀ gives us a call on 01 860 20 20.

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