What’s So Special About Aviation Tyres?

Aviation tyres are specially designed to be used with aircraft. There are a number of concerns that need addressing when it comes to the design of aviation tyres to ensure that they can operate safely. The fact that these tyres can only last for as few as 100 landings means that they can be very costly. Companies that manufacture aircraft tyres usually produce three different types. The first type are tyres designed for general & sport aviation. The next are tyres for commercial aviation such as passenger airliners and air freight. The third type are military tyres. Each of these types of aviation are different and require some unique limitations & needs when considering what tyre type will be used. Aircraft tyres are subjected to tremendous stress. When a plane is landing, the tyres take all of the weight and have to endure some extreme friction as it hits the runway and starts to slow down. This friction quickly wears away the treads of the tyres, and can lead to blowouts and or other failures if its tyres are of poor quality or have not been well maintained. Aviation tyres also need to be prepared to carry some serious weight, especially if they are used for commercial aviation. They are also required to cope with conditions like wet and icy runways. An aviation tyres structure is extremely strong. Many of them have bands made from Kevlar or similar materials to help maintain tyre integrity, along with thick tread made from a high quality rubber. Aviation tyres are also designed to be retreaded, a procedure which cuts down on cost by reducing the number of times an entire tyre needs to be replaced. The retreading of aircraft tyres can only take place in facilities that are licensed by the aviation authorities. Before an aircraft takes off, a tyre inspection is performed, whether it’s a small two seater sport plane being taken up or a military jet being launched from an aircraft carrier. Tyres are also inspected routinely when maintenance personnel go over planes after they have landed. If any problems are identified, the plane is taken out of service until the tyre can be repaired or replaced. If one tyre fails, the matching tyre is usually replaced at the same time.   Although we at are not currently involved with servicing the tyres on your 747 we do however provide a prompt service in supplying New & Part worn Tyres at EXCEPTIONAL VALUE!   Tyreland have 7 Tyre Depots located around Dublin City and Meath and offer the most competitive deals on cheap tyres in Dublin. Our industry experts are always available for advice and love to help people out. Contact us today on 01 860 20 20.

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