Car Towing Safety Tips

Towing a car that has broken down or having to be towed can be daunting for a driver who has never experienced this before. Here are some tips to consider if have been unfortunate enough to find yourself in this position; Before Towing;

  1. You will need to display an ‘On Tow’ sign at the rear of the car being towed.
  2. Also be sure to have a Light board fitted to the car being towed.
  3. Make sure that the towing pole being used is in a good working condition and never use if either show any signs of damage.
  4. With the car that is being towed make sure to leave the ignition in the on position so as to disable the steering lock. Cars that have power steering and/or power-assisted brakes are likely to require a lot more muscle & effort to manage when being towed without the engine running.

Towing the car safely; The driver doing the towing must:

  1. Drive with extreme caution at a low speed (No more than 24 kph). This will minimise the force generated and give the driver that is being towed an increased reaction time to what is happening.
  2. Prevent any snatching/jerking be using the clutch to pull away gently. This should give the towed driver a more comfortable ride.
  3. Avoid sudden braking. Press very lightly on the pedal in advance of actually braking. This will illuminate your brake lights and allow for plenty of warning to the driver being towed. Towing poles are not designed to act as a brake for the towed vehicle.
  4. When you are towing a car, use your indicators in plenty of time in advance of any oncoming manoeuvres, to warn the driver being towed as well as all other traffic.
  5. Try to avoid sudden changes of direction or extreme manoeuvres, as the towed driver will find it hard to steer and brake with the engine in their car not running.

The driver being towed should;

  • Watch the brake lights and indicators of the vehicle that is towing carefully, to ensure early notice of any upcoming moves.
  • Make sure to steer and brake your vehicle in coordination with the vehicle that is towing.
  • Attempt to keep some tension on the towing pole at all times. This should minimise any jolting. You will be able to do this can by applying light braking pressure whilst being towed.

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