Caravan Towing Tips For First Timers

Towing a caravan can be a fairly daunting task to anyone who hasn’t done it before but, like a lot of things, practice makes perfect. From parking & reversing to motorway driving, there are many factors to take into consideration when towing a caravan. Here are some tips to consider when towing a caravan for the first time.   Before you set out you should perform the following checks;

  • Make sure that the tow bar or towing device is strong enough and attached securely so that it does not break or become loose during use
  • Ensure that the wheels and tyres are in a good safe condition on both the car and caravan. Any of our Tyreland Depots would be happy to advise and provide safe tyres where required.
  • Check that Steering, suspension and brakes are in good working order and that the battery is in good condition and fully charged.
  • Clean all lights and reflectors and test their operation.
  • Check oil levels are correct.

Tips for towing;

  • Make sure your side mirrors allow you to see down both sides of your caravan. Attach extension mirrors where necessary.
  • Slow down: Respect other drivers, particularly when you’re driving on the Motorway. The maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle towing a caravan or trailer is 80km/h.
  • Increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and only overtake other cars when you know you’ve got enough room. Also allow extra time and distance when overtaking other road users and make sure that you are well past them before moving back to the left-hand side of the road again.
  • When parking against a kerb, remember that the caravan is likely to be wider than the tow vehicle. This means that you must be aware of the caravan’s proximity to the kerb. Where possible, drive out forward from a parking spot, as reversing with a caravan is difficult. It is worth practising reversing, but do so in a safe location and with someone to guide you.
  • Anticipate going down hills and drop down a few gears.
  • If your caravan begins to sway, remain calm and resist the urge to slam on the brakes. Make sure the load in the caravan is spread evenly to reduce the chance of the caravan swaying. This is especially important in high winds, particularly side winds, when swaying is more likely. Swaying is also more likely when you pass larger vehicles approaching on the other side of the road.
  • Be careful when driving in wet, foggy or extremely bright conditions or in high winds.
  • Be courteous to other road users and where possible, pull over regularly to allow vehicles behind you to overtake.
  • Pay particular attention when accelerating and braking, especially when approaching corners.

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