How To Change A Flat Tyre

What you will need. 1. Safety Triangle (if you have one) 2. A jack 3. A wheel Brace /Nut tightener 4. A bottle of water

1. If you get a flat tyre make sure you park in a safe place at the side of the road. Don’t stop anywhere near a bend. If you have a safety triangle put it around 10-15 metres behind your car to warn other drivers. 2. Get yourself ready and have your jack, wheel brace/nut tightener all nearby. Take out your spare wheel too. 3. Next , loosen the bolts on your car half a revolution in an anti clockwise direction with the wheel brace. 4. Locate the jacking point on your car. If you are unsure where this is located, check for a bit of reinforced steel underneath your car near your car wheel. This takes all the weight as you jack up your car without damaging the rest of the car. Use the jacking point that is closest to the car on this point. 5. Place the jack underneath your chosen jacking point and turn the jack slowly lifting the tyre you are changing a few inches off the ground. 6. Now begin to unscrew the nuts off your car tyre. (remember we loosened them earlier) then remove the wheel from your car when all the nuts have been removed. 7. Replace the flat tyre with that spare wheel you took out. 8. Start to put the nuts back in place once again. Moving from one nut on one side to the other side. 9. Begin to lower your car jack slowly once the car wheel has reached the ground again. Using the wheel brace tighten up all the nuts on your car. Use your foot until the wheel brace cannot turn anymore. 10. You will be thirsty after this so take a drink from that bottle of water then pack up your toys and carry on your journey ! You may need to replace your car tyre if it is badly damaged or worn down. Call by one of our Tyreland branches and check with one of our car tyre experts for the best advice.

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