Cheap Part Worn Tyres in Dublin

Part worn tyres have been a popular topic on the internet for years. Some people think they should not be used again as you do not know the history of the tyres you are purchasing others suggest it is foolish to throw away perfectly good tyres away when the thread depth is nowhere near the minimum thread depth.When buying part worn tyres it is important to make sure you are buying your tyres from a reputable source. It is also extremely important that the tyre supplier you are selecting to purchase your tyres from has all the necessary tyre testing equipment and guidelines in place to ensure you are buying the right tyres for your car.There are many part worn tyres available ranging from 33%- 75% remaining thread depth which means they are still safe and have plenty of mileage left in them. With a tyre available to suit everybody’s budget and price range it can be a perfect way to replace the tyres on your car and thus why motorists are choosing to buy part worn tyres. It is just important that the tyre depth is within the legal requirements and has met all the safety is renowned for their service and quality. Over the last 4 years we have become specialists in the supply and fitting of new and part worn tyres. If you are looking for advice on your next tyre choice or just looking for a particular brand of tyre why not contact a member of our knowledgeable staff, we will be happy to help you. Just call us on 01 860 20 20

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