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Claim up to €115 when purchasing Michelin tyres

We are happy to announce that everyone’s favourite Michelin cashback offer is back again! For the next two months, you will be able to claim back a pre-paid Mastercard worth up to €115 after purchasing 2 or more Michelin tyres from Tyreland. The promotion will be ongoing until the end of July 2020. 

Claim Value

The value of the claim is based on the size and quantity of Michelin tyres purchased. 

2x 14″ or 15″ tyres = €15 cashback.

4x 14″ or 15″ tyres = €30 cashback.

2x 16″ tyres = €20 cashback.

4x 16″ tyres = €45 cashback.

2x 17″ and 18″ tyres = €25 cashback.

4x 17″ and 18″ tyres = €55 cashback.

2x 19″and above = €45 cashback.

4x 19″and above = €115 cashback.

Claiming it 

Claiming your cashback is a straightforward process. You will be asked to upload a copy of your invoice and contact details to an online website (car-offers.michelin.co.uk). Once that is done, prepaid Mastercard will come in by post within 28 days.

Michelin Cashback Promo Flyer

Michelin Cashback Offer


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