The Future of Cars – Connected Cars

Connected cars are one of the most ground breaking developments in the motoring industry in recent years. All the leading car manufacturers along with the major mobile operating system developers have identified that connected cars are the future. Let’s hope these change impact positively on our daily lives, similar to the impact of mobile phones. With the future right before us, we decided to explore a little deeper for you.

What are connected cars?

Connected cars are basically cars with an operating system built in, giving you the ability to connect your many devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. Add to this the ability for your car to connect to the internet. This is done in 2 ways:

  1. An inbuilt internet connection broadcasting from the car itself.
  2. Mobile tethering, where the car accesses the internet through your mobile or tablet.

As the area is so new, both mobile operators and car manufacturers are exploring the ideal method available. Both options have different benefits. With built in systems giving stronger connections compared to the flexibility of mobile tethering giving the user access to their phonebook, music etc.

What are the benefits of connected cars?

Some of the obvious benefits of connected cars include the ability to play music from any USB device through your car, the hands free use of mobile phones. Along with this you have up to the minute traffic information, GRS Sat Nav features giving you the best opportunity to avoid previously un-anticipated traffic jams. Some more advanced connected cars come with eCall technology where your car actually calls the emergency services or roadside assistance if you have been involved in a collision. Currently being developed are Apps for cars including parking apps, nearest petrol station/hotel apps giving you direct route planners in real time when you need them.

The bottom line on connected cars…

As we are all aware technology is our future, our phones have already been transformed from static chunks of plastic in our hallway to multi-functional slices of technology in our pockets that we are relying on more and more everyday. This is where cars are going and whether we like it or not we will have to learn to adjust and move with them. The benefits outweigh any negatives and our driving experience will improve at a rapid rate from here on in. But one area of a car that can’t rely on mobile operating is the faithful tyre. Here at Tyreland we stock over 20,000 high quality cheap tyres for the Dublin driver. Contact us for your next set of safety tested cheap tyres.

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