Tyre Review: Continental Premium Contact 6

Safety – #1 Priority

Good tyre grip on wet roads is crucial for safe driving in Ireland. Considering our weather conditions, the Continental Premium Contact 6 tyre is a top choice for securing good car handling.

As most are aware, all tyres are graded into different degrees of grip. An “A” is the highest and “G” is the bottom of the range. The difference from the best to worst – up to 18 metres of stopping distance. Thankfully, Continental Premium Contact 6 is rated “A” across the entire variety of sizes.

The tread pattern has been upgraded to the new macro-block type, which ensures maximum stability when cornering, allowing you to push your car just that a little bit extra.

ContiSeal, ContiSilet and SSR technologies

ContiSealContinental’s self-sealing tyre technology where a sticky sealant layer is built inside the tyre. In the case of an object penetrating the tyre, it seals the hole and eliminates the risk of having a flat tyre. ContiSeal tyres are marked clearly on the sidewall and are compatible with any modern-day rims.

ContiSilent – Is the noise-cancelling technology developed by Continental tyres. The Premium Contact 6 tyres come with a built-in inner sound absorber, eliminating up to 9db of vehicle’s interior noise.

SSR – Self-supporting reinforced tyres, also known as run-flat tyres. SSR tyres are compatible with all standard rims and available in a wide range of tyre sizes. In the event of an air loss, these tyres will protect the sidewall from being crushed between the rim and the ground. When four SSR tyres are fitted on the car, it eliminates the need for a spare wheel.

All three of the above technologies can be secured with Premium Contact 6 tyres.

2020 Summer Tyre Test Results

As per March 2020, German publisher Auto Bild voted the Premium Contact 6 the winner among 50 participating different tyre models.

The test, conducted in co-operation with Bridgestone and Hankook, concluded that Premium Contact 6 ensures;

  • Dynamic handling with precise steering
  • Very high mileage
  • Great fuel economy
  • Short braking distance

The testing was performed using 245 45 r18 tyres fitted on a BMW 5.

Customer Feedback on Premium Contact 6

As a routine,  we are including a UK- based tyre review website where over 60 drivers have shared their experience about Continental Premium Contact 6 tyres.

While scoring high across the spectrum, it falls just a tiny bit behind the rival models from Goodyear and Michelin.

It’s in the case of wear that the tyre scored lowest @ 78%. Although it is improved, it still seems to be the weakest point for Continental tyres.

Lastly, 79% of drivers said that they would repurchase Premium Contact 6 tyres in the future.

Continental Premium Contact 6 Tyre Review Chart

For more information on Continental car, van and 4×4 tyres, pop into your local Tyreland today or call now on 01 860 2 20.

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