Faulty tyres one of leading causes for breakdowns

Five thousand drivers had been quizzed about vehicle breakdowns and tyre related issues by an electronic parking/tolling tag provider Easytrip. The research unveiled that 1/8 motorists had experienced some vehicle breakdown within the last 12 months.

Vehicle breakdown can happen for variety of reasons, but up 20% can be avoided by checking your tyres regularly, as tyre fault is one of the leading causes named.

These are the most common reasons cited in the survey:

1. Engine failure – 27 per cent
2. Battery failure – 24 per cent
3. Tyre damage – 20 per cent
4. Fuel issue – 7 per cent

Respondents were also questioned what do they do in the event of tyre related breakdown. It appears that 64% of drivers go on to put a spare wheel on themselves, while 29% would look for help by contacting the roadside assistance company.

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Importance of the tyre checks

While the motorists agreed on the importance of tyre checks, just 10% admitted of doing it frequently. Moreover, 49% of respondents examine their tyres only once every few months. We want to remind our readers that for most effective braking and optimum driving it is best to check your tyres at least once a month. If unable to perform a tyre check yourself you can drive up to any Tyreland depot and we will do it for you.

Legal obligation

Surprisingly, 44% of people questioned did not know that the legal tyre tread depth in Ireland is 1.6mm. Even a higher number of drivers (69%) were not aware of penalties for damaged or worn tyres. As current law stands, the driver caught driving on illegal tyres is subject to penalty points and on the spot fine of €80.

Wise word from a CEO

CEO of Easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney summed up the survey: “As we approach a busy period on our roads, we wanted to highlight common breakdown causes and the importance of checking tyres regularly as they are our main contact with the road. The average Irish car age is eight years old meaning many Irish drivers need to ensure that they carry out regular maintenance of their vehicle including their tyres to maintain optimum driving conditions.

“It only takes three minutes to check tyres for any defects, bulges and to inflate them to the appropriate tyre pressure on a weekly basis. Likewise having the added peace of mind of breakdown roadside assistance means that you can continue your day to day motoring activities in the knowledge that you have the support available in the event of an incident occurring.”

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