Meet the first-ever carbon neutral tyre 

Since the company was first formed in 1889, world-renowned tyre manufacturer Michelin has had a reputation for doing things differently. As an innovator, they have been responsible for introducing both the original run-flat tyre and the radial tyre into the market, not to mention their success on the Formula 1 track. Now, Michelin is once again at the forefront of tyre technology with the launch of the e.Primacy – the first-ever tyre to be carbon neutral at the point of purchase.

Reduced fuel consumption

The e.Primacy marks a milestone in tyre engineering, in that it was designed from the outset to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, both in the manufacturing process and during actual use. According to early data, drivers using the tyre benefitted from fuel savings of around 0.21 litres of fuel per 62 miles, which equated to a saving of just over €80 over the life of the tyre.

Lower CO2

In addition to the fuel savings, the low rolling resistance offered by the e-Primacy results in 174kg less CO2 being emitted over the life of the tyre. When fitted to an electric vehicle (EV), the e.Primacy can help to increase the average range by seven per cent.

Four Michelin e.primacy tyres superimposed on the road

Carbon neutral manufacturing

Michelin’s mission to deliver a carbon-neutral tyre meant a significant investment in projects to absorb, avoid or offset carbon emissions. Efforts included replanting trees and the installation of less energy-intensive manufacturing equipment in a variety of countries. According to Scott Clark, Michelin group executive committee member, “This is a world-first that will open the way to a new generation of products.

“Environmental issues are central to our strategic priorities. To reduce its environmental footprint more quickly, Michelin has pledged to lower CO2 emissions from all its production facilities by 50 per cent by 2030 compared with 2010, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Looking to the future

The carbon-offsetting measures that have helped make the e.Primacy as green as possible will also have wide-ranging benefits for the tyre manufacturer in the future, added Clark. “Michelin is also developing solutions to use renewable or recycled materials to manufacture its tyres while enhancing their performance even more. By 2030, Michelin tyres will be 20 per cent more energy-efficient than they were in 2010.”

A wide range of sizes

The new e.Primacy is intended to be anything but a novelty tyre and is intended for mass roll out early next year. It will be available to order from March 1st 2021, in a full range of 56 sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches

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