Google’s Interesting Idea How To Improve Road Safety

Photo Courtesy of Google Google think they have come up with a strange idea which will make accidents on roads across the world safer. They have designed driverless cars that are a bit stickier! Yes, you read that correctly. In the design patent below you will see that Google are adding some sort of adhesive material to the front end of their driverless cars. The concept behind this idea is that a pedestrian would be glued to the car upon impact. This would prevent them from being thrown to the ground and avoiding further injury after a collision.Credit: US Patent and Trademark office It sounds bizarre at first. But in the coming years, more and more driverless cars are going to be on the road. We must try and take as many safety precautions necessary. So there is possibly some logic there that it would not only prevent a pedestrian from hitting the concrete but also from being hit by another car. Personally, here are Tyreland we’re not sure that this is going to work. We’ll let you be the judge. But while we wait for Google to develop more modern road safety techniques, look both ways and always keep your eye on the road! Sooner or Later you’ll use Tyreland! Tyreland have 7 Tyre Depots located around Dublin City and Meath and offer the most competitive deals on cheap tyres in Dublin. Our industry experts are always available for advice and love to help people out. Contact us today.

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