Guide For Using Jump Leads

  • Make sure to park both the cars next to each other so that they are close but not touching. Also ensure both cars are in neutral. The jump leads should be able to reach both of the cars batteries.
  • Connect the first end of the RED (positive) lead to the positive terminal on the working battery (+). Mimic the same step with the other end of the RED lead attaching it to the positive (+) of the dead battery.
  • Connect the BLACK (negative) lead to the negative terminal (-) on the battery that is working. Then connect the other end to an earthing point, like a bolt or bracket, away from the dead battery. Some cars may have negative jump-starting poles – check your cars handbook to see if it does.
  • Make sure that the leads are clear from any moving parts then proceed to start the engine of the working car.
  • Allow for about a minute and then try starting the car with the dead battery. Leave it a little longer If it doesn’t work, but switch off the engine if the leads begin to get hot.
  • Once you manage to get the car going, leave the engine on for a few minutes in order to charge the battery.
  • When removing the leads do it in reverse order to the way you attached them. Ensure that they DO NOT touch together or off any metal surfaces. It is advisable to then drive the car for at least 30 minutes or leave the engine running for a period of time.

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