How Formula One Helps Drivers to Enjoy Better, Safer Tyres

For many people, the best thing about formula one lies in the thrills and spills. There are few things more gripping than watching some of the world’s most skilled drivers hurl their cutting-edge machines around a track in a relentless battle to the finish line. But did you know that behind all this, formula one is also constantly helping to make every aspect of motoring better and safer – and this includes the tyres on your car?

More than just entertainment

Although it is fundamentally a sport, formula one is about far more than just entertainment – it is also a real-life science laboratory where the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and components put their latest technology and innovations to the test. Many of these developments are eventually introduced to regular cars like the ones that you and I drive daily. So just how does formula one help to make your tyres better and safer? Read on to find out.

Making tyres last longer

Tyre manufacturers use Formula One to continually test new compounds, to create high-performance tyres with maximum effectiveness, efficiency and durability. As well as developing and testing new ways to make car tyres last as long as possible, manufacturers are also able to find the optimum balance between grip and wear. Not only does this help drivers to save money thanks to longer-lasting tyres, as a result of increased fuel economy drivers also benefit from lower running costs – and help to reduce the environmental impact of motoring at the same time.

Developing lighter tyres

When it comes to high-performance motor-racing, weight matters in more ways than one. Firstly, heavier cars are less likely to achieve the high speeds needed to win at this elite level. Even more importantly, there is a direct relationship between weight and fuel consumption. The heavier the car, the more fuel it requires – and fuel also add weight. To counter this, heavier cars will carry less fuel but need to pitstop more often to refuel.

Even a minuscule reduction in weight can make a huge difference – and tyres are one key area that this can be achieved. In time, motorists are able to take advantage of developments that result in lighter weight tyres to enjoy more efficient driving.

Improved grip

The better your tyres grip, the safer your vehicle. At the same time, too much friction not only causes your car to use more fuel than necessary, but it can also cause your tyres to overheat. In a worst-case scenario, this could cause a sudden failure, which may have catastrophic consequences. There is nowhere better to improve this aspect of a tyre than the formula one track, where all these factors are critical to safety and success.

F1 Pirelli Tyres

Testing to the extreme

Formula One is also a place where new tyre technologies are subjected to the most extreme testing possible. If a tyre can withstand the prolonged strains and stresses that they are subjected to on the track, then manufacturers can be sure that the same technology will be safe on the road. As a result, you can have complete trust in your car tyres.

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