Importance Of Wheel Alignment

Vehicles that have incorrect tracking or wheel alignment face the problem of uneven tyre wear which can lead to issues with car handling and general safety of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

When a car is manufactured the manufacturer sets the wheel alignment perfectly which gives the driver of a new vehicle a comfortable and smooth drive and also gives the best life to the car tyres fitted. However, over time these settings end up being affected by a number of contributing factors such as; worn suspension parts, excessively worn steering, hitting potholes, driving against kerbs and other objects.The best way to know if you need your wheels aligned is to know your tyres, check them regularly for unusual wear and tear. You will notice premature wear on the outside or inside shoulder of the tyres, a common indicator of incorrect wheel alignment.

Our Tyre Tip!

As Wheel Alignment is relatively cheap factor to keeping your tyres well maintained, giving you the best handling experience and a more comfortable ride. Make sure to have your wheels aligned regularly by a specialist. Call in to any of our depots where we offer a competitive laser wheel alignment service.

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