Part Worn Tyres Explained – What You Need To Know

What are part worn tyres?

Part worn tyres are very popular in Ireland. There is a huge increase in the number of used tyres on our roads. Part worn tyres are previously owned tyres with less thread available than what would be on new car tyres but still very much within the legal limits of tyre thread depth. Part worn tyres have become very popular as they offer a very viable alternative to those that may not want to buy new car tyres for their vehicle. Here in Tyreland, we put all are part worn tyres through rigorous testing procedures using our state of the art X Ray technology. Should any part worn tyre not meet our strict guidelines and procedures we then send those car tyres to be recycled.

What about the safety of part worn tyres?

We always make sure that all our tyres are fit for purpose and meet the minimum thread guidelines and that is in very good condition before we offer them for sale to the general public.

Where to part worn tyres come from?

A lot of part worn tyres come from countries that require winter tyres by law. Germany, Finland and Sweden are a few of these countries. When Winter arrives car owners in these countries have to change their car tyres by law. These tyres get exported to countries like Ireland and the United Kingdom. A lot of these car tyres would still be of very high quality, sometimes even of higher quality than low end/ budget tyres that are out there on the market.

What are the legal tyres thread depth in Ireland?

The law in Ireland states that the minimum thread depth in Ireland is 1.6mm and that all car tyres must be in good condition and roadworthy. Most of the tyre manufactures advise to replace at 3mm.

What are the New Tyre Label Requirements?

New tyres have to meet approval standards and must carry an “E” mark. New car tyres must also meet all standards with regards to the tyre grip on the roads, wet grip, noise performance and of course fuel efficiency.

What are Retreaded Tyres?

Retreaded tyres are slightly different again. These are car tyres that have been recoated with a rubber veneer of the thread. Rethreaded tyres must also have the required “E” mark. They must also bear the word “retread” on their sidewall. Buying part worn tyres is a safe option and can offer you significant savings over new car tyres, as long as the part worn tyres meet the thread depth guidelines and have a significant amount of tread remaining. is the only tyre retailer that can test part worn tyres for both internal and external damage. Using our state of the art X-ray technology we can identify any defects in tyres. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that you are buying quality part worn tyres at exceptional prices. If you are now considering purchasing part worn tyres for your vehicle call info one of our Tyreland depots where we can guide you through all the options available.

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