Pirelli Calendar – Beauty Of The Industry

The glamour of the industry


The word glamorous hardly comes up in tyre associated gossip. As the industry is considered to be dull, it rarely gets much press coverage in general media outlets. But it does have its exceptions, one remaining the symbol of glamour – Pirelli Calendar, also known as the Cal.

The calendar published once-a-year by the  UK subsidiary of the Pirelli tyre corporation is undoubtedly the most charming item in the tyre industry.

Early days of the Cal


The idea of Pirelli Calendar as such started in 1963, but the first mock-up went published. The annual publication of Pirelli Calendar began a year later in 1964. The first print was shot in Mallorca by photographer Robert Freeman and featured Brittish TV star at the time Jane Lumb among the other models.

During the first decade of the Pirelli Calendar life, the piece was an exclusive work of art. A Brittish art director Derek Forsyth was behind making the Cal in the early years, which was printed in limited numbers. It was used mainly used as a gift to Pirelli‘s corporate customers and celebrities.

End of part one


The Cal was discontinued after the release of 1974 issue. It was the consequence of the global economic recession caused by the „oil shock“ at the time. The cal stays suspended until 1983 when German photographer sets up the photo shoot in the Bahamas for the resurrection of the Cal.

The CEO of the Pirelli brand at the time Marco Tronchetti Provera called the purpose of bringing Pirelli Calendar back to print „to mark the passing of time“.

The cost of publishing


Ever since returning to print, the calendar is released on an annual basis. It is published at 20 000 copies at an overall production cost approximate to 2 million US dollars.

Celebrity features in Pirelli Calendar


The calendar is globally recognised for featuring female models of various ages and ethnicities. Later editions are more often using male models from different countries worldwide. Every single issue is shot by a different photographer, adding their own twist to the piece.

During the years the Cal has featured classy, fully clothed, half-naked or even naked models as per 2010 edition.

It even had two „All Black“ releases. Out of whom, one was released in 1987. Which was groundbreaking for that time. The 1987 issue featured then 16-year-old Naomi Campbell, at the start of her modelling career. The second „All Black“ edition was released just last year – 2018.

The Cal for the „chosen“ ones


Featuring in Pirelli Calendar is considered a label of distinction for the modelling industry. To date, just elite models and photographers are chosen to participate in making the calendar.

During the years the Pirelli Calendar has featured fashion, TV and sports superstars like Serena Williams, Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Robin Wright, Kate Winslet, Monica Belluci and many others.


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