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The performance of your car tyres is critical to your safety on the roads. It is important that you check your tyres regularly to make sure they are roadworthy. Tyres get worn down after a period of time Check out some of the signs to look out for below:

1. The legal tyre thread depth in Ireland is 1.66mm so it is important that your tyres never go below this required thread depth. On most new car tyres there is a tyre thread wear indicator. When this gets worn down replace them. Don’t wait.

2. Look for any cracks in the sidewall of your car tyres .This could be a sign that you car tyres may be on the verge of blowing out which can be quite dangerous for you and your passengers. Any bulges or cracks and tears can put your life in danger. If you see these signs, get your car tyres checked out as soon as possible.

3. If you notice excess vibration as you drive this may be a sign that your car tyres may need balancing or that they could be misaligned. Driving with excess vibration is distracting your attention away from the road. Get this checked out also.

4. Regardless of any tyre cracks or wear and tyres manufacturers recommend that you replace your car tyres at 10 years. But check your manufacturer’s guidelines on when you should replace your car tyres as they may vary depending on the vehicle in question.

When you decide that it is time to replace your car tyres, Tyreland can offer you the best deals on car tyres for your car type, budget and price. With 6 locations across Dublin, call into one of our branches today and one of our members will be happy to help.

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