Tyre Facts & Figures

 Did You Know:

  • There are over 160 Car Tyre manufacturers worldwide!
  • Over €1,000 million is spent annually on tyre research and development.
  • In Ireland, over 250 brands of car tyres are available from over 40 countries worldwide!
  • Since the 1960’s roads have been made from recycled car tyres, the recycled tyres are shredded and mixed with asphalt to produce recycled more environmentally friendly and safer roads.
  • Retreading is an environmentally-friendly process that gives a second life to suitable tyres, offering customers better value.
  • In the USA, approximately 50 million pounds of rubber is worn off of tyres every single week. That’s a lot of rubber.
  • The first tyres were not made from rubber. They were in fact, made with bands of iron and later steel.
  • In Formula 1, pit crews can change a tyre in as little as 3 seconds. Now that’s impressive!
  • By fitting premium tyres, you can improve your fuel efficiency. If you buy a quality, premium tyre, you could be looking to save the price of two or three tanks of fuel a year.
  • Since 2006 the EU has made it illegal for either shredded or whole tyres to be left to rot on the dump. Despite these 3 million tonnes of tyres end up in landfills across Europe every year.
  • Your tyres are the #1 most important element of your vehicle’s safety and control.
  • When inflated to the recommended pressure, tyres can improve 10% fuel economy.
  • Almost 70% of all drivers are unable to tell if their tyres are bald.
  • At least 10% of all vehicles on the road today are driving with at least 1 bald tyre.
  • The minimum thread depth legally is 1.6mm.
  • Tyres that have a tread depth that is 1.6mm have only 55% effectiveness in comparison to new tyres.
  • It takes a ½ barrel of crude oil to manufacture one truck tyre.


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