Tyre Review: Continental EcoContact 6

Eco Contact 6 – Tyre with a purpose

Continental’s Eco Contact 6 tyre was developed not only to reduce fuel consumption but also with a green vision – attempting to minimise the CO2 emissions and contributing to the fight against the climate change.

With the exception of specific rare tyre sizes (which are fitted to the space saver wheels), the Eco Contact 6 range is labelled between “A” and “B” on the EU tyre label for fuel efficiency. It is a pretty impressive achievement, saving motorists 4-7% in fuel costs compared to the lower-ranked tyre brands. (depending on the tyre size)

Short braking on wet roads

Speaking of the benefits, the Eco Contact 6 tyre, regardless of its size, is designed to grip well on wet roads. Amazingly, the full 13″-22″ inch Eco Contact 6 tyre range comes with at least a “B” rated grip on the EU label. (p.s. the popular sizes are often “A” rated) . This makes it a pretty wise choice for Irish drivers looking for a tyre that allows you to master every twist and turn with an optimised grip and handling of the Eco Contact 6.

External Noise

No different to many other Continental tyre variants, the Eco Contact 6 is just average enough when it comes to measuring the rolling noise. While the tyre is one of soft compounds, the dB (noise) ratings are often 2-3 DB higher than the competitor tyres. 

If you find yourself annoyed with a tyre rolling noise, we would advise you to pick the Eco Contact 6 with the “Conti Silent” feature, which minimises the tyre noise getting inside the car. Depending on the tyre size and type of car, the “Conti Silent” feature helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB. 


While the fuel efficiency and grip on wet roads are mastered to perfection, the durability seems to be caught somewhat behind. The Eco Contact 6 started as a tyre for small and mid-size vehicles, which are not usually that bad for wearing tyres quickly. But since the range expanded to the big SUV’s and large saloons, it led to some unpleasant reviews relating to the short lifespans (more on this in the last section). 

This tyre is manufactured and sold with 6.5mm of tyre tread, which is a bit below when compared to an industry average of 6.9-7.5mm (depending on the brand). Explaining this, Continental is quoting the new “Green Chili 2.0” compound, allowing them to slow the tyre wear, allowing the use of less tread depth on a new tyre.

 Customer Feedback

At the time of us writing this article (July 2021), showed a below illustrated graph, compiled of 29 unique driver reviews. The Eco Contact 6 shows to be a decent performer in matters grip on a wet and dry road, scoring over 70% in each category.

The low number in the road feedback section explains the high comfort score (these scores are often working against each other). When attempting to improve the driving comfort, the tyres are usually designed with a softer sidewall, which does not offer that stiff sporty driving for enhanced road feedback. 

Lastly, the mileage seems to be the Achilles heel of the Eco Contact 6, scoring a deficient number in the field and putting drivers off from purchasing this tyre again in the future.

Based on the scores, we would advise fitting this tyre on the smaller vehicles, doing modest mileage. With a high comfort score, it will ensure smooth driving over speeds bumps and potholes. It will also minimise fuel consumption and the environmental impact.

However, if your annual mileage exceeds 10k a year, this may not be the best tyre for you when considering the quick wearing down that the drivers are experiencing. 

 Review graph showing different performance ratings of Continental Eco Contact 6 tyre

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