Importance of Tyre Safety

  1.  Your tyres are the only part of the car that are in contact with the road. For this reason, they are hugely important when it comes to vehicle safety. A statistic taken from the RSA tells us that between the years 2007 – 2012, Gardaí reported tyre defects as a factor in 172 collisions. Some collisions were fatal with others resulted in both serious and minor injuries.   Why is tyre safety so important? The safety of both yourself and your passengers along with the other road users, may very well depend directly on what condition of your cars tyres are currently in. According to the Road Safety Authority your Tyres must:

Be the right type and size for your vehicle

    • Be properly inflated as per vehicle recommendations
    • Be free from any defects and have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm

    The dangers of using sub-standard or incorrect tyres include:

    • A Reduction in road handling leading to a loss of control whilst driving
    • An Increase to braking distance meaning it could take anything up to twice the normal braking distance to stop the vehicle
    • Aquaplaning, where your tyres can lose grip on the road in wet or damp conditions
    • Blow-outs that can also result in loss of control

    What are the legal requirements for tyres in Ireland?   Again as quoted by the Road Safety Authority;   According to the law, it is a driver’s responsibility to make sure that their vehicle meets the legal requirements and is in a roadworthy condition at all times. The Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003 sets out requirements for tyre condition and tyre tread depth (minimum tread depth of 1.6mm) for vehicles which are to be used on a public road. If you drive with damaged or worn tyres, you are putting your own life and the life of others at risk. You also run the risk prosecution. If you were to be convicted for the offence of driving with dangerous tyres, you could be fined up to €2,500 and or receive a 3-month prison sentence. You’ll also have five penalty points on your licence on conviction.   Avoid any of the above and pop into any of our Depots, where we can advise on tyre conditions along with the correct types and sizes required. Tyreland have 6 Tyre Depots located around Dublin City and Meath and offer the most competitive deals on cheap tyres in Dublin. Our industry experts are always available for advice and love to help people out. Contact us today.

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