Unusual Tyre Facts

  • Your Tyres can age. Although checking tyres regularly is the best way of determining whether the tyre pressure is what it should be and that your tread is within the legal parameters, you should also pay attention to the age of your tyres. The Ozone, heat & sunlight can all cause the rubber in your tyres to deteriorate and this can lead to tyre failure. Don’t forget to also check the spare tyre for signs of damage. If you are not sure whether your tyres are fit for use, be sure to call into any one of TyreLands 7 Tyre Depots located around Dublin City and Meath for some advice.
  • Some Tyre Safety Developments have originated from the World of Motor Racing. While F1 drivers & teams use their tyres in a different manner to your average road user, it is interesting to note that some developments in the industry have influenced tyre manufacturers when designing everyday car tyres with safety in mind.
  • Valve maintenance is essential Tyre manufacturers Bridgestone, advise that valve maintenance is an important part of looking after your tyres. Valves are able to help maintain pressure in the tyre and should be replaced when new tyres are fitted. Valve caps are used to protect the valve from grit, water and dust and it is important that these form a seal over the valves.
  • Tyre requirements change based on the season You may not realise that there are real reasons to consider getting tyres specially designed for the winter or summer months. However, if you drive in the snow or wet, there are real reasons to consider making the switch. According to the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers association, winter tyres can reduce your braking distance by up to 20%.
  • Car tyres are naturally white Why is it that when the natural colour of rubber is white, car tyres are black? This colour change isn’t purely aesthetic. It is the by-product of adding carbon to the rubber, later replaced by silica for many tyres.
  • Where did the word tyre come from? Spelt tire in the US, it is believed this word can trace its origins back to the 15th century. It may be a shortened form of attire, as the tyre was considered the ‘clothing’ of the wheel itself.
  • Sooner or Later you’ll use Tyreland! Tyreland have 7 Tyre Depots located around Dublin City and Meath and offer the most competitive deals on cheap tyres in Dublin. Our industry experts are always available for advice and love to help people out. Contact us today.

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