What Causes Your Tyres To Degrade

Tyre care should not be taken lightly.

Take into account that tyres are the only contact your car has with the road, and they will have taken a good battering! One would guess that this is causing your tyres to degrade over time.

So what causes tyres to degrade?

Obviously they are made of rubber. If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a tyre blowout, you will probably have noticed the rough ends of the tyre protruding from the hole in the tyre, this would have shown that the material has worn down over time. You may notice that as tyres degrade, the rubber becomes weaker. This is due to a process called vulcanisation. Vulcanisation is a manufacturing process of hardening rubber using sulphur this makes it suitable for the required loads to be applied across it by making it stronger and more flexible. Oxidation of the rubber is another cause of tyre wear. The coupling of heat and hardens the compound in tyres to a point where the outer skin of the tyres become cracked and weak. The last cause of tyre degradation is rain water on the roads. After years of tyre use, water can permeate into the tyre. This will lead to a lack of heat resistance and strength and will damage your tyre. Another forced affliction on tyres can be over or under pressurising. Tyres which are under pressure can create more friction, thus leading to tyre wear. So try not to neglect your tyres, keep checking them and look out for tyre wear. Sooner or Later

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