Winter Car Tyres

Winter Tyres

It is important to be aware that winter car tyres are not just snow tyres, they are tyres that benefit the driver in temperatures below 7 degrees. Temperatures in Ireland tend to drop to these levels from October through to March, so fitting winter car tyres is highly recommended during this period. As they offer you improved grip in dry, wet and snowy road conditions. As most commuter journeys occur in the early morning and late evening, the temperatures are lower than the daytime average.

Ground Frost

On average in Ireland, we get 40 out of the 90 days in the winter experiencing ground frost and in some areas sharp ground frost. The further North you go the higher a number of days with ground frost and in some areas, there can be up to 50 days during the winter.

Winter Car Tyre Safety

When driving in the winter on wet roads with temperatures below 7 degrees, winter tyres can stop you at 62mph in 65.7 metres compared to 70.5 metres driving on summer car tyres. This can make all the difference. We always recommend leaving a greater driving distance between you and the car in front during the winter months as a precaution.

Again, when driving in the snow winter tyres driving at 30mph can stop at 35 metres in comparison to 43 metres in summer tyres.


48% of driving accidents in the winter are as a result of skidding. 25% the average increase of road insurance claims during the snow. 1/3 of drivers have found themselves stuck in snowy conditions.


Winter car tyres are manufactured with a different type of rubber that remains softer in lower temperatures. They also have up to 4,000 sipes or cuts in the rubber giving them up to 320 metres of edging giving greater grip to the road during wet and snowy conditions.


Modern winter car tyres are durable and do not wear any quicker than summer car tyres. Also, remember that while you are driving with your winter tyres your summer tyres are not wearing!

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